Welcome to TWU Serves

Trinity Western University is preparing to open a law school to educate lawyers for public service. TWU calls on every student to live with honesty, civility, truthfulness, generosity, and integrity. The Trinity Western law graduate will not be just your typical corporate lawyer; they will be caring competent leaders who serve the needs of all people.

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Meet Current students who serve


Arianna Grimm

At TWU, Arianna found a place where she was comfortable enough to be herself, but more importantly, a place where she felt worthy to be loved. Having endured rape and sexual abuse, she wants to inspire other women to bring light to these difficult and heavy topics. “I’m going to be fierce now, and I’m going to live with vigor and passion because I can.”

Jared Barkman

As a Political Studies and Economics Major, Jared wants to advance the cause of marginalized communities who are fighting against injustice. In his third year at TWU, he worked with a member of Parliament to expedite asylum for Middle Eastern refugees.

Angel Mukunzi Bazubagira

After graduating from TWU in 2002, Richard Taylor and Jeffery Komant brought their heart for service to Rwanda, where they founded Wellspring Academy to empower a new generation of Rwandan leaders. This fall, one of the first students at Wellspring Academy traveled to British Columbia to attend Trinity Western University.

Jordan Koslowsky

“I was standing in a refugee camp. I got to see people. It wasn't just numbers anymore.” As an International Studies Major, Jordan was not content to merely learn about other cultures. He set himself the big, crazy goal of sponsoring a refugee family - with the help of the TWU community.