Why a Law School?


The Only Charitable Law Focus in Canada

Of the 21 common law schools, only 3 offer any type of charity law course. TWU’s School of Law will educate law students about serving charities and non-profits.

Trinity Western’s law school will focus its programs on preparing to help people who struggle to pay for legal services. Many Canadians cannot afford a lawyer, and that is an access to justice issue. All Canadians deserve the opportunity to get legal advice and representation when the need arises. 

Non-profit organizations employ a full 20 per cent of Canada’s workforce. These entities need specialized legal services due to unique legal requirements in governance, human rights, employment, and taxation.


Trustworthy Lawyers

Trinity Western University graduates have long been recognized for excelling in the private sector. TWU’s School of Law will also train its graduates to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses. The requirement for specialized legal expertise in these areas is particularly acute in British Columbia's Fraser Valley and surrounding area, where much of the growth along this corridor is comprised of small, growing businesses.

TWU will offer Canada’s first faith-based law school, providing the top-notch, transformational education that TWU has already become known for through graduates of our professional Schools of Business, Nursing, Education, Human Kinetics, Arts, Media + Culture, and Graduate Studies, as well as two Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences and Natural and Applied Sciences.


Public Service without Public Funding

As Canada’s only private law school, it will promote public service without government funding —something we think is a significant contribution to this country's higher education offerings. TWU is privately funded by tuition, donations and support services.

In 2015, taxpayers spent close to $21,600* per student enrolled in public higher education – almost $6 billion in British Columbia alone. Trinity Western Law would not depend on taxpayers.

TWU Law graduates will understand that the practice of law is about service:  to clients - especially those in need - and to our society.

*Statistics Canada